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Aromatherapy Massage for Relaxation

The apopeptical makeup is a part of the xolicy medicine, in all of them more people look at the individual bio bioenergy system, a part of the energy. This is a healing massage, it is a touch and a pelagic, an effect on a physical and a patchy field, it helps on the end of the day, These massages will treat the whole body and face, and the ethereal oils will break out in the affection of the type of skin and the individual case.

Ethical oils

Ethiopic oils are highly volatile and good oils, which distinguish them from ordinary body oils. They act instantaneously and x-monocotypically sticky, anticeptic, tonic, tonic, pegylate-pressurized. They aid pegenepation of the crop, smooth the buds and stimulate its rejuvenation.

The cadaver is suitable for supporting young skin. Their edges and staples will be siphoned off by a layer of lavender, ylang-ylang, mandapin, pettal or bark. To increase the tone – pozamapin, calivia, indishe, begamot, pacholi in lower doses (large efferents have been tried).

What is involved with this apepacetic makeup?

The auxiliary macage is a reading of the lacs, the pei, the inclination (two of the foam) and the points. With the soft and gentle movements the positive effect of the energy points in the body will be exerted. Makeup is necessary to give you the fullest care for you, this involves the necessary care, to have your life clearly,

The Maclata will be replaced by 5 more procedures. Their massage will combine 3 types of body oil. It is desirable for it to be painful, because more than 5 maculas are more likely to cause efferents, ie, dichotomy. From the proper healing of the oil, the healing effects of their healing effects. An irregular sensation is a possible alleviation.

How often do you like this makeup?

The apex treatment will start once a week, and the apex twice more. Positive changes occur in 7-8 steps, which will result in at least 10. You can adjust the makeup 1 or 2 times per month. The length of the machine is half and half length.

After the makeup

– After the appliance, it should not be exposed to the sun for 24 hours, but it will also start to taste so that it can be pigmented.

– It is appropriate to leave 12 hours after the make-up, to allow the oil to flow into the two-night system.

Kinds of butter and action

Poses – Balance and xamonis. The antidote and the balance of emotions are active. It is most often used with problems with sleep. Highly suitable for the abusiveness of women. It has an excellent effect on the patching and bridging skin.

Indis – An action for emotion and psyche, balance. Suitable for xopa with no self-help. It will be used with a pre-modification syndrome and a xoplanal dipbalanc. Piggy oil glands and this is the perfect ideal oil for all skin types.

Lavender – Convenient for endless travel, relaxation and relaxation. Drop one or two caps on the cushion for a good night’s sleep, and for headaches – on a whisker or squeeze into the blind eye. It is suitable for wipes and drawings, for burned, cooled, radiated. In these cases, there will be absorption of the lubricant and the contaminated spot.

Grapefruit – Attach to footpath, release from foot and fire. It will be started with difficulty, with an overview. It cleanses bile, plugs and activates the lymphatic system.

Begamot – Power Anticeptics. Ideal for skin problems, but not. Saving deposits, cpax, lacking in the evening.

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